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In Season LLC

168 N Road Douglas, NE 68344



We are both first-generation farmers! We met in 2014, working at a popular farm-to-table restaurant as a cook and bartender.  Inspired by the relationships our chef had with local growers, we began dreaming of what we could do on our own acreage.

In 2015, we started growing microgreens in Benson. YouTube was our main resource as we experimented with varieties and learned about modern, sustainable growing techniques from farmers like Curtis Stone, Jean-Martin Fortier, Joel Salatin and Eliot Coleman.

Within a year, In Season was up and running on 1/3 of an acre, rented to us in the Ponca Hills area. After two seasons at the farmer's market and consistent demand from over twenty restaurants, we knew a family farm was in our future.

In 2018, we bought our first acreage in Douglas, Nebraska where we continue to expand, providing locals with fresh, local ingredients grown with flavor, nutrition, and soil health as a priority.

Taylor and Suzy